Welcome to Hidden Checks!

customer-serviceThere are a lot of different check manufacturers online.

All of them offer to save you money.

But which ones have the best deals?

We have a coupons page set up to help you get the best deals at some of the largest check manufacturers out there. This page is updated as new promotions come out to help ensure you are always getting the best deal possible.

Secondly, some designs are very hard to find. Especially those designs — like cartoon and TV characters — that required licensing. Often, licensing will shift from printer to printer and, unless you are in the industry, it’s hard to tell who is producing what. We’ve collated some of the coolest, most sought-after check designs and make it easy for you to find those exclusive checks.. with just a click of your mouse.

Finally, we indulged ourselves and compiled a bunch of our favorite checks under our artistic check collection. This is updated constantly as new designs come out. A lot of the checks on our list are also best-sellers … so we like to think that we have pretty good taste.

All of the checks sold on our site or through our partners use the latest in chemical ink protection and anti-fraud technology.

Hopefully, Hidden Checks makes your check shopping experience that much easier.