Bird Checks

Ordered New Bird Checks At Our Bank

My wife and I are huge fans of all different kinds of birds. We travel all over the country to different bird sanctuary to see and learn more about them. It has become a fascinating hobby for the both us and something that we love to discuss all day long!

When it was time for us to get new bank checks we saw all these beautiful patterns, pictures and drawings that included birds. My wife and I spend several hours trying to decide which bird checks we liked the best.

After going over all of the different drawings we decided that we should open two separate checking accounts, this way my wife would have her own bird check and I would have mine!

Our daughter loves these checks too and is a big fan of birds. She was remarking how beautiful the checks are and because of that is contemplating opening up and account with our bank. These checks really are fun and it is worth actually filling one out and sending them to the recipient.

We love our new bird checks and are so happy they have included our hobby on something that we have to deal with almost every day.


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