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Cheetah Checks

I Ordered The Cool Looking Cheetah Checks From My Bank

Cheetah’s are really cool animals and I love having prints of them all over my house. One time I even went on a Safari in Africa where I got to see them up close. It was a dream vacation that I will never forget.

The other day at my bank I saw all these new designer checks they were offering at a special price. I sat there looking through the book and of course what did I find? Cheetah checks! That’s right I could not believe they had my favorite animal imprinted right on the checks that were available to order.

I decided to order the checks since they were on sale and looked really neat. Now I actually won’t mind filling out a check and sending it because they all have my favorite animal imprinted on them. Now everyone who receives a check from me is going to get a change to see how beautiful this creature is.

Cheetah’s really are fascinating animals and deserve to be celebrated. Hopefully with me purchasing these checks more people will take an interest in them. When more interest is in the animals it definitely provides them with much better care!


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