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Cow Checks

Why I Pay My Bills With Cow Checks

I have a lot of bills to pay each month, so it is important that I do not forget any of them. The last thing that I want to do is hurt my credit rating or rack up a lot of interest that I have to pay. Because of this, I make a schedule that I keep on the wall to keep track of all of my bills.

When a bill comes in the mail, I make a note of this on the schedule. I write down the due date so that I will know when I have to pay it. As soon as I can, I sit down with my checkbook and write out a check. Of course, some bills I pay online, but I still keep track of these.

When I do have to write a check, I always use cow checks. These cute checks have adorable cartoon pictures of cows on them. I have always liked these animals, so when I was ordering new checks, I decided to choose ones that had a design featuring cows on them. This way, I can make the process of paying bills a little more fun.


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