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Cute Owl Checks

Buying Cute Owl Checks To Pay My Bills

Like most people, I have quite a few bills to pay each month. I have to pay the mortgage, the electric bill, the water bill, the phone bill, and so on. While I pay a lot of these bills online, there are still several that I have to pay with a check.

To be honest, I kind of enjoy sitting down and writing out a check. It feels more real, somehow, than just clicking my mouse and using the computer. However, it can be inconvenient at times, since I have to make sure that I do not run out of checks when I need them.

Recently, for example, I discovered that I was getting low on checks. I only had a few left, so I decided to order some more. I was tired of the same boring design, so I wanted something different. I looked at some options and finally settled on these cute owl checks.

They are really quite adorable, and it actually makes paying my bills more fun. I think that the next time I need to order checks, I may choose the same design. It is nice to have something else to look at.


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