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Black Lab Checks

I Love My New Black Lab Checks

I love dogs and when it came time to get a new checking account there was an option have my black lab printed on the checks. Naturally I became very excited about this because my dog is a big part of who I am. Seeing him every time I write a check is going to put a smile on my face.

What is especially cool is that they have a lot of style of black lab checks to choose from. In the past it was always this standard boring pre-printed check which had no personality. Now with these new checks you can upload a photo of your dog and have that put on the check.

I showed the picture of my dog which was going on the check to my wife and she was very happy with it. Now everyone we send checks to will get to see a picture of my smiling dog in action. Now it won’t be so bad having to write out a check thanks to my bank allowing me to personalize it with my favorite pooch. Everyone should have their checks personalized with something they love because it really makes it worthwhile!


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