Border Collie Checks

Decided On The Cute Looking Border Collie Checks

I recently opened up a checking account at my new bank and was thinking about just using the debit card and forgoing checks. I rarely write out checks anymore, instead prefer to pay with either my debit card, cash or online. Actually online is the way that I prefer to make most of my payment these days.

But the other day it dawned on me that I will need paper checks handy in case I need to send them a check. Like in the near future when I have to go to a wedding. I would rather write out a check than give a money order or cash which doesn’t seem right.

I was looking over all of the check designs and saw the cutest border collie checks. They were so cute in fact I decided to order a bundle right then and there. Now when people receive my checks they will know how much I love border collies!

These dogs are precious and look very good especially on the checks that I will be sending out. I might just decide to write more checks now that I have some really cool ones to send!


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