Boxer dog checks

My Favorite Boxer Dog Checks

Everyone loves my dog Beans. He is a boxer and I got him out of a rescue league when he was two years old. He’s been with me now for three years and we have so much fun together. I even joined the rescue league to help out so more of these dogs can find a loving home.

Since I became a big sponsor of Boxer dogs I try and do everything to support them anyway I can. This includes helping out at the rescue league where I volunteer my time with adoptions. I also look for other ways to support Boxers so they can get the care they deserve.

The other day at my local bank they gave me the option to purchase new checks for an account I was opening. To my surprise they actually had boxer dog checks available and they looked really awesome.

Of course I was immediately sold on the checks and now I can’t wait to get them delivered. I was never a fan of writing checks in the past, since I do most of my business online, but now with these cool looking boxer checks, I plan on writing a lot more!


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