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Corgi Checks To Brighten Your Day

Is there anything cuter than checks with adorable animals on them? I have been a fan of corgis for as long as i can remember. Growing up we always had at least dogs running around the house, and my favorite one was a little corgi named Blossom. She was very average looking in terms of markings and colors, so I am always delighted to see her “twins” everywhere I go.

That’s why when i was offered my choice of check designs, i went with corgis! They are so adorable that they cheer me up every time i go to pay for something. When your’e dropping forty dollars on groceries these days, sometimes it’s great to have something like that to cheer you right up. I know the cashiers are always delighted to see my cute dogs on my checks. They always ask me if they are custom made to look like my dogs, and i have to say no, but it always starts up a fantastic dialogue.

I highly recommend getting such customized things if you can. They come with designs of all sorts of dogs, but the corgis are definitely my favorite. Check ’em out!


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