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Getting Dalmatian Checks For A Checking Account

My Dalmatian, Henry, was the cutest dog I ever laid eyes on. I may think that because he was my dog, but he was such a good companion and we always had such fun together. Unfortunately, Henry passed away when he was 12 years old. It broke my heart to lose my favorite companion.

My family and friends all know how crazy I am about Henry because I still have tons of pictures of him on the wall and even my bed sheets are Dalmatian print. Knowing how much Henry meant to me, my mother found Dalmatian checks and told me about them.

I could not believe that something like that was even available, so I just had to take a look for myself. As soon as I saw the design on the checks, I decided to order some to use for my checking account.

When I am writing out checks, I see these adorable dogs that look just like Henry. I start to think of all the fun we had together throughout the years and then I begin to laugh because of the good times. I love having these checks because they remind me of my beloved pet and I plan to continue ordering them.


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