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Golden retriever checks

Finally Getting a Pet of My Own

I have always loved dogs. We only had a pet for a short time as children, because my parents were not keen to take on any extra responsibilities. When I finally got a place of my own, then, I was intent on adopting a dog into my little family.

My love for golden retrievers began purely by accident. My neighbor had one of these lovable creatures, and I would see it outside each day when coming home from work. As my neighbor and I forged a friendship, I was around the pup quite often and loved his temperament and attitude. Therefore, when a golden retriever became available through my local adoption agency, I decided to welcome her into my home.

It was the best decision I ever made. I honestly don’t know if I will ever own another breed because I love my retriever so much. In fact, I had to change my checks to a golden retriever design in her honor! Whenever I pull out my checkbook to pay someone, I inevitably get into a discussion about my dog and the breed. I love it; I could talk about golden retrievers all day long!


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