greyhound checks

Greyhound Checks For Christmas

My grandmother is almost impossible to buy for. She has had everything throughout her life, and now she’s a super minimalist. Needless to say, it gets boring just baking her cookies for every birthday and Christmas. I like to do something a little more permanent… it’s just she doesn’t want any stuff and wll often yell at you for getting her more junk!

That’s why I felt like a genius when I realized that I could get her some greyhound checks. These checks are great because they’re not only stylish and well made, but they are also relatively cheap to get while also being very useful to my grandmother. She still uses checks in her everyday life. I don’t, which is why it took me so long to think up this solution.

You can get checks with all sorts of designs on them, and dogs are no different. The reason I went with greyhounds is because my grandmother used to be a breeder. She only has one dog now that she’s older and retired, but she will always love the breed. I think when she opens up that voucher (since I can’t buy them directly for her) her face will light up. Worth it!


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