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flamingo checks

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When my son was a baby, I received a membership to the zoo for a year for his first birthday. I remember taking him for the first time, unsure what he would think about the experience. Well, it turns out that he LOVED it, and we went back many times over that first year. I have so many wonderful memories associated with our trips; he also received memberships for his second, third and fourth birthday as well.

There were a lot of animals that he loved. The gorillas, lions and chimps were just a few of the many. However, his absolute favorite were the flamingos. The zoo had an aviary on site, and the flamingos were located just outside that building. Each time we went, we would have to stay for fifteen to twenty minutes at a time, gazing at the flamingos.

My son is older now, and we no longer go to the zoo as often as we once did. His school schedule gets in the way. However, I like to reminisce on those times. I even ordered flamingo personal checks, because each time I look at them, I think of the fun that my little boy and I had together.


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