giraffe checks

I Decided To Purchase The Giraffe Checks

I recently opened up a new checking account but kept forgetting to do one important thing which was order new checks. Although I am not someone that usually sends out checks, this time I need to write a few of them during this month.

So having looked over the different kinds of checks available, I was having trouble figuring out which designs I like the best. It was definitely overwhelming because there were literally hundreds of different designs to choose from.

After searching and searching I came across these very cute giraffe checks. You would think with their long necks and big bodies that it would be difficult for them to fit on the checks, but no they fit quite nice and looked really cool with all the colors.

Giraffe checks are definitely something you don’t normally see which is the main reason I decided to choose them. I like to be different, and surely with these checks everyone is going to see how beautiful these animals truly are.

I think now that I am learning more about giraffe’s it is time for me to make some donations to help keep them safe. After all, they are lovely creatures and it would be a shame if they weren’t around at all.


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