happy bunny checks

My Daughter Chose The Happy Bunny Checks

The other day I opened up a new checking account and was searching through the different kinds of checks to purchase. They have many new designs to choose from, so I asked my daughter which ones she liked the best. Normally I don’t right out many checks so it really makes no difference to me what they look like.

After going through the list of checks my daughter likes the ones with the happy bunnies. Yes I admit they are cute but thought that it was probably not the best look for me to be sending out happy bunny checks. But of course I relented to my daughter and decided to order them anyway.

When the checks came in the mail I was surprised to see they were actually very nice looking. Additionally, my daughter loved them so at least it made her happy. The check company has lots of different designs so if I do decide I can always switch to something else.

But for me the bunny checks will have to work and they aren’t so bad or embarrassing. Besides they are unique and one of a kind since I never see any men sending cute little bunny checks.


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