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moose checks

Canadian Moose Checks

Recently, I came across a very strange man who is from Canada. What made this man strange in my opinion was not that he was from Canada but rather he had a particularly strange hobby. His strange hobby was collecting moose memorabilia. If you went into his house you would think you were in the middle of a Canadian forest.

Everything in his home was somehow connected with a moose. The first thing that I noticed was his coat rack. His coat rack was made from moose antlers and to be honest it was a perfectly good coat rack. He had a table in his living room that used moose antlers for the legs. The table was perfectly fine as far as tables go but I must admit that it did look a little strange.

The reason why I was at his house was to sell him a collection of hockey cards from a hockey team called the Manitoba Moose. This hockey team played in Winnipeg Canada until recently when a National Hockey League team came into the city. I had a complete set of Manitoba Moose hockey cards which I gave him at a reasonable price. Of course, he paid me with a check with a picture of a moose on it.


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