breast cancer awareness checks

Wife And I Bought A Box Of Breast Cancer Awareness Personal Checks

My mother in-law died from breast cancer and needless to say my wife is a big supporter of any of these causes. We always donate our time and money to breast cancer awareness, and even participate in marathons that help get the word out.

The other day we were at the bank and they were doing a promotional awareness campaign for breast cancer. One of the items available for purchase were breast cancer awareness personal checks. My wife already has these checks but since it was for a good cause both of us ended up buying a couple of boxes of these checks.

Having these checks about breast cancer awareness are extremely helpful because it helps get the message out to anyone who receives the check. Most of the checks are designed beautifully so it really makes it worthwhile having them in your checkbook.

I find the checks to be inspirational and uplifting and gives people who suffer with breast cancer hope that someday there will be a cure. Hopefully that day comes very soon so nobody should have to worry about getting sick with breast cancer. The more aware people are the more money there will be to fight this dreaded disease.


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