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cowboy checks

A Cowboy Dream

Your check book says a lot about who you are. That may seem like a strange thing to say but your personalized check book will tell a lot about your personality and desires. For example, but say that you choose a check with a cowboy theme even though you live in New York City. Obviously, there are not a lot of cowboys in New York City.

This type of personalized check would indicate that you have a desire to be a cowboy. Maybe you would love to move to Texas and own a huge cattle ranch. You would be able to ride your horse on cattle drives and roundups. Yes, the cowboy life is what you’ve always been dreaming of but never have had the opportunity because you have always lived in the big city.

However, by choosing a cowboy check theme it shows that you have not given up on your dream. You still want to head out towards Texas one of these days. This cowboy check book may seem silly to most folks but it is not silly to you. One of these days you will leave the Big Apple and pursue your dream as a cowboy riding the open plains.


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