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A Rawhide Girl

Have you ever heard of the Rawhide Girl? The Rawhide Girl is a type of cowgirl from Oklahoma that loves to give money to worthy causes. You can always tell when the Rawhide Girl rides into town because she will have two saddlebags full of hard, cold cash. She never has to worry about someone stealing the cash because she also has a pair of six shooters and a Winchester rifle.

She travels through small towns throughout Oklahoma and searches for deserving people who need some financial help. She has helped widows with small children who have lost their husbands to warfare. She has helped orphans find a loving family of their own. She has also helped the sick pay for their medicine and Doctor’s bills.

She is like a hero from the Wild West of yesteryear. When she comes into one of the small towns she always stops over at the local bank. She provides the bank manager with a check and receives the cold cash which she puts into one of her two saddlebags. She does that same procedure wherever she goes. She has a type of brand that most bank managers recognize. It is a check with the image of a cowgirl on it.


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