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georgia bulldogs checks

Show Your School Spirit With Georgia Bulldogs Checks

In the past, I have always had fun, personalized checks with pictures printed on them. However, I recently moved to Georgia for school and opened a new bank account. Because my account is fairly new, I am still using the plain, boring checks that the bank issued me when I opened the account.

I decided that the time had definitely come to order some personalized checks, so I went online and started looking at some of the various options that are available. I happened upon some Georgia Bulldogs checks that are going to be just perfect. I love sports, and really like the idea of using my checks to show my school spirit.

Let’s face it — paying rent or bills is never going to be fun. For some reason, though, it seems a little less painful when you have cool checks. Now the only problem is going to be deciding which design to order. Some of them just have the school logo printed on them, while others feature pictures of the mascot. Either way, I think it is going to be fun to have new checks that match my personality and interests.


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