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angel checks

Something Besides The Usual Angel Checks

When I was younger, I used to see these advertisements for checks. I told myself that once I was old enough to have an account, I would order some of these. I was always in awe of the ones with the angels on it, and I knew that one day they would be mine. The funny thing is that once I actually got my checks later on in life, the last thing I remembered was the fact that I wanted the angels. I ended up getting something that was far from angelic.

Several years ago I remembered my vow and I started looking for checks. I wanted angels, yet I wanted something that was a bit more modern looking than those I used to see when I was a small child. I did not find any, so i settled for something else. Now I am about to buy some more checks and I would love to know if there are any new and interesting angel images available. That would fit me better than flowers, flags or any of the usual things you find on checks. I guess my best bet would be to keep searching.


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