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mermaid checks

Reliving My Childhood as an Adult

When I was younger, I was obsessed with “becoming” a mermaid. Never mind that there was no such thing. I figured that if Ariel could change from being a mermaid into a human, there was no reason whey I couldn’t make a transformation of my own. Obviously, the Disney movie played a large role in my fantasies. I loved all those stories, but the tale of Ariel and her friends was the one I turned to over and over again.

As an adult, I certainly realize that you cannot transform yourself into a mermaid. However, I still love mermaids. I love the beach. I love the idea of being able to swim effortlessly under the water, perhaps because of the freedom it represents.

Even though I can’t become an actual mermaid, I still like to showcase my love every now and then. I have a shirt that I wear on a regular basis that my husband teases me mercilessly about. I also have a mermaid check design that I think is pretty cool. And my little girl is fully decked out in mermaid gear of her own. I can’t wait for the day when she decides she is going to be a mermaid when she gets older, too.


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