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kids checks

Teaching Your Children Finance With Kid’s Checks

I found the cutest way to introduce your kids to money management and bank accounts today! If you go to your local bank you will find that they likely offer all kinds of cute checks just for kids. They are so great!

Starting kids on balancing a checkbook and managing a bank account early is really important. It can start lifelong habits with being responsible with money. Going to the bank with your child and setting up their own little bank account can be a great way to start.

However, a trip to the bank isn’t usually fun, so you might have to talk them into it. The best way to do this is letting them pick out their own checks! They have checks with balloons, Sesame Street characters, and all kinds of other fun and exciting designs just for children.

Afterward, why not take them to buy some candy or a toy using a check from their very own bank account? You can show them how to write out the check and use it to pay for the item, and then afterward you can help them write down the amount in the check registry. What a great learning experience!


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