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Getting An Avenger Check Design for my Husband

My husband has always been a little nerdy. It is one of the things that I love best about him. He is really into comic books and superheroes and everything that goes along with that. The Avengers have to be his all time favorite, however. He and our little boy constantly dress up as the various characters, battling one another and coming up with elaborate story lines. Their pretend play makes me wish that I was little again. Or, that I was at least half as creative as the two of them are, particularly when they are together and join forces.

Even though I stay home and my husband is the one that makes the money, I am in charge of our finances. I think I just have a knack for managing money, whereas my husband simply can’t be bothered to deal with it. Every year or so, it is time for me to order a new set of checks. This time, I decided to surprise my husband and get Avengers checks for him. He was way more excited than I was anticipating, as he was practically giddy with the design. I am glad that I could make him happy with such a simple gesture!


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