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justice league checks

Endearing Justice League Checks Bring Out The Kid-At-Heart

Justice League checks are one way to pay homage to your favorite superhero characters, all at one time. Some Justice League checks sets feature a rotation of four main superhero characters. Those characters include Batman, Superman, Flash, and Wonder Woman.

If you are partial to any one of the main Justice League superheroes, then you may prefer a whole checkbook full of just Wonder Woman, or Superman alone, for instance. Include the character at their best, with Batman spreading his wings, front-and-center, or Wonder Woman circling into her power, with golden lasso in hand.

You may prefer to have a variety of your favorite Justice League members. For instance, enjoy rolling through four different check images of a whole checkbook just of Batman, or the Flash.

Color schemes are lighter than the main, traditional logo, to allow for better readability of the check. Though, details are not lost.

A little trivia here, but who founded the Justice League? If you named the Diana Prince, born in Themyscira, then you know that it was Wonder Woman. Help her fight for justice along with the rest of the league’s member superheroes every time you write a check.


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