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Maxine Checks Bring Joy To Bill Paying

If you are paying bills, maybe you need a little pick-me up. Maxine checks provide such a break from the seriousness, enormity, or whatever train wreck term describes a bad financial situation.

Maybe you had to pay that ticket, and are annoyed? Fortunately, Maxine checks provide a satirical, witty, and sometimes downright dig to the man who wrote you the ticket. Humor in the face of paying the suddenly doubled phone bill, or the “did I leave the faucet running all month?” water bill, provides a relief.

You may be glad to have the money to pay the bill. Come more joyous occasions, such as sending grand kids, or college-aged kids money for graduation or just getting good grades Maxine joins the celebration. The kids appreciate having a mom, grandma, or aunt who has a good sense of humor.

In addition, you may make the cashier at the local department store or grocery store get a much needed giggle for the day. The much beguiling Maxine Checks play a role in making others laugh as much as yourself. And, if that is your role in life, then it is well-accomplished through Maxine as your right-hand woman.


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