Continuing My Love of Childhood Board Games

I loved games as a child. Board games were my favorite, but unfortunately, no one else in my family was really that into them. I could never get them to play with me, so I mastered the art of single person gaming. Even games that were meant for two or more players could be turned into something fun for just me to play as long as I used my imagination.

As an adult, I decided to institute a game night when my first child was very small. It was a win win situation for me; not only did I get to play some of my childhood favorites with my boy, but we were spending quality time together each week. As my children got older, we branched out with the games that we play on a regular basis. My favorite as a child, Monopoly, has a place in our rotation. I know some people can’t sit still long enough to play a game, but I have always loved it. I even ordered Monopoly checks recently, because the game holds such great memories for me, not only of my own youth but that of my childrens as well.


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