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bass fishing checks

Ordering Bass Fishing Checks

I have been trying to think of a unique birthday gift for my husband for a few weeks now. He always comes up with great ideas for my birthday, and I would like to do the same for his. I’ve decided to put together a fishing basket for him filled with all different types of fishing gear and accessories.

I started out by buying him some new lures and a brand new tackle box. I also picked up a fishing hat, a new reel and some weights and bobbers. I don’t know much about the type of gear he uses, so I was hesitant to get much more than that on my own. Instead, I am including a gift certificate to our local sporting goods store.

Finally, I also ordered some personalized bass fishing checks for our checking account to put in the basket as well. We typically just use the regular checks that the bank sends us, but I thought that getting fishing checks would be something fun and different. Maybe it will even make paying bills more fun for him!

I really hope that he likes everything in the basket. Since he is so passionate about fishing, I think it will be a hit.


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