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Shopping For Guitar Personal Checks

I recently switched banks and opened a new checking account. The checks that the bank gave me with my new account are bland and boring, so I decided to order some personalized ones instead.

I have primarily been looking at checks with a guitar theme since I am an avid guitarist. Luckily, there are a ton of beautiful guitar personal check designs out there. Now the only problem I am having is deciding which design to choose.

Right now I am leaning toward a set that features close up photographs of acoustic guitars. The photographs are amazing and really showcase the beauty of the instruments.

I also found a more artistic set that I really like that has drawings of brightly colored guitars with swirly patterns behind them. They are really vibrant and colorful, which is something that I love.

Whichever checks I order, I also want to look for a checkbook cover to match. The one I have been using is plain black, which is a bit boring for my personal tastes. While I was looking at checks I spotted a leather checkbook cover that has a guitar embossed on it that would probably be perfect for my needs.


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