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compact business checks

The Benefits Of Compact Business Checks

Quite a few years ago I started my first business. I was fresh out of school and excited about the possibilities that lay ahead.

I remember the feeling of excitement I had when I went to the bank to open my first business checking account. I sat down with the account specialist, and before I knew it I was leaving the bank with my checkbook in hand.

I use the term “checkbook” loosely. What they actually gave me was a large binder filled with full-size pages of checks. Each of the checks was about twice the size of a standard personal check.

I stuck with this checkbook for several years, despite the fact that I found it cumbersome. If I wanted to write a check while I was away from the office, I had to tear a blank check out of the book and carry it folded up in my wallet.

I finally wised up and decided that a smarter option might be to invest in a smaller checkbook. After a few minutes spent searching online, I placed an order for compact business checks and have never looked back.

My checks are small enough that I can easily carry my checkbook in my pocket, freeing me from being tethered to my desk when I pay bills or make purchases.


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