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disney address labels

Incorporating a Love for Disney on my Address Labels

I am a bit of a Disney fanatic. I went to Walt Disney World a few times as a child, but it was not until after I had my own little one that I truly became obsessed. We took my guy to Florida for the first time when he was two years old, and we have been back every year since. There is just something so magical about viewing Disney World through the eyes of a child.

Every year that I go, I fall in love with the place just a little more. I have also noticed that I’ve started (unintentionally) incorporating Disney into my every day life. I think it just makes me happy. For example, I have a Tinkerbell key chain, a Mickey shirt and and a Minnie hand towel. I also just picked up Disney address labels, which I love. I actually don’t mind sending out bills now!

I had a baby six months ago, so we will not be able to get back to Disney for another year, at least. Until then, I will be thinking and dreaming about our next magical family vacation! It can’t come soon enough.


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