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frog address labels

Frog Address Labels – Those Cute Little Differences Count

My mother is absolutely in love with frogs, and she has them all over her bedroom. She doesn’t just have frogs in her home, however, but she uses frog stickers as well when she’s shipping me packages. While she also uses other types of stickers and sends me cards with scripture on them and devotionals, frogs are definitely one of her favorite little creatures.

I am always on the lookout for anything to have to do with frogs that she doesn’t have yet. It’s not like she wants everything to be done in frogs, as like I said, they’re only in her bedroom. But she does love all kinds of frogs, and she loves to do different things with stationery and the packages she sends me and other people.

Frog address labels I think are something she should get for when she sends out cards, packages and other things. For instance, frog address labels could be used on her Christmas cards. They are very cute, as frogs always make really funny animated characters.

I want to mention it to her next time so she can take a look at the frog address labels that are on sale. I might just see one on the next package she sends me!


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