Interesting Curious George Checks

I love when common items can have some kind of branding that brings back great memories of your childhood. One that I really enjoyed as a kid and still do as an adult is “Curious George.”

For those that don’t know, it is a series about a monkey (technically ape since he lacks a tail) named George that lives with The man in the Yellow Hat in a bustling city. Due to George’s youth and being surrounded by a busy city, George is very curious about everything. However, that can sometimes get him into sticky situations where he needs help to get out of and then learn about why he should have or should not have done something.

I really like little George because I feel that he represents a bit of that curiosity that many of us still have. That is why I was so happy to see items like Curious George checks available. Having to pay for things like utilities is not that much fun. However, having a fun design with that cute little guy up to his usual hijinks can make the day that much better, I think. With so many different designs available, I am having a hard time picking just one of these!


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