monsters inc checks

Scary Cool “Monsters Inc.” Checks

Ever since I was a kid, I have been in monsters. I loved watching all the monster movies (the classic ones, especially), and of course all the monster-themed cartoons. However, it was a little while before Disney did a major film on monsters, which I absolutely loved. That film was “Monsters Inc.”

There have been many items made with Mike and Sully and the rest of the crew over the years. However, I thought it was exciting to see checks with these awesome monsters on them. There are so many designs with one or a bunch of the characters on them.

Many of them have the three main characters: Mike, Sully, and of course little Boo. I have seen them with solid colored background or patterns like Sully’s spots. There are varieties that have them posing together like best friends and then there are designs where they are doing scare poses. I like all of them personally, but I think the scare poses are pretty cool.

I am seeing a lot of really cool check designs these days, but I am glad that they didn’t shy away from such a cool monster movie. After all it was a great movie. And a great movie deserves equally great checks!


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