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Show Your American Pride With Patriotic Personal Checkspatriotic checks

Independence Day has always been one of my favorite holidays. The town I grew up in put on a huge fireworks display at the stadium of the local university. My family and I would head out to the stadium early in the evening to take part in the festivities.

The show started with musicians and performers putting on acts on a stage at one end of the stadium. As the sun went down, the real action began. The entire field of the stadium was covered with a tremendous ground display of fireworks, with fountains of sparks shooting up in every direction.

Once the ground display was done, it was time for the main event. Giant fireworks shot up into the air, so close that you could almost feel the heat from the sparks. Lee Greenwood’s song blasted out from the loudspeaker as he sang about how he was proud to be an American, adding to the spirit of the event. As a child, it was incredibly exciting and beautiful to watch.

To this day, those are some of my most cherished memories. I am definitely proud to live in such an amazing country. I hang a flag outside my front door every morning, and even have patriotic personal checks to show how much I love this place.