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Custom Picture Checks Help Avoid Theft

I have to admit, I carry a check book and I am constantly worried that I am going to get some of my checks stolen. In fact, I had some of the checks stolen from be before and thankfully they tried to use it at a store that I worked at, which meant my coworkers knew that the checks were not coming from me because they had heard me talking about them being stolen. However, I still have that fear that this is going to happen again and this has led to me getting to be very protective of my checks.

When I started to look at the checks online, I found one that allowed me to put in a custom picture on the checks. I have to admit, I was a little bit worried when I started to look at the checks that allowed this, but I quickly found that I could even add in my own image into the check. When I did this, I put my face on the checks so if they ever got stolen before the cashier would know the checks did not look like me and this meant I would have less of a worry about my checks being stolen.


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