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beach scene checks

Loving My Beach Scene Personal Checks

Do you know what I really love these days? Being able to design my own personal checks, or at least having a lot of options form my bank. Back in my hay (going way back here) you got very basic checks that were boring but functional. Then they started introducing different colors, but they were still minimal. Finally, you could get pictures, but they cost a lot more and didn’t do anything for me. It wasn’t worth the cost.

Now, though? Everything has changed! Not only do I get a lot of options to choose from, but they are also affordable. Just recently I purchased a bunch of checks that have lovely beach scenes in it. I have always loved the beach and can’t wait to start using my checks to cheer some people up. Isn’t it wonderful? They also have other designs that I might try getting next time. Things may be going digital, but I love using checks because they’re easier for me to keep track of and I am better at managing my money that way. So as long as they let me have my beach checks, I will keep using them!


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