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eiffel tower checks

Showing My Love Of Paris Every Day

Ever since I was a little girl, I have had an ongoing love affair with all things French. Having traveled to France as a child, I always associate things from this part of the world with ultimate style, class and luxury. To me, there is no more exciting or glamorous place on earth than the City of Lights. Whenever I have the opportunity, I spend a week or two at a time touring previously unexplored streets and alleyways of this most enchanting European capital.

Even when I am back at in the United States, I am able to display my affection for what I consider to be my second home. I do this by way of the beautiful personal checks I was able to find, stunningly emblazoned with an image of my beloved Eiffel Tower. Though it may seem like a small thing to some, I get a great deal of delight each time I open my checkbook and get an instant reminder of the glorious times I have spend in Paris. For a true Francophile like myself, these special checks offer a simple way for me to express a bit of my personal identity on a nearly daily basis.


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