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floral checks

Choosing Floral Checks

I recently decided to order floral checks for my checking account. After searching online, I have noticed that there are several different styles of checks with flowers on them available.

The first type features photographs of flowers. These can be either close-up photos of a single flower, or a longer range shot featuring flowers in a field. Most of these checks either center around a single type of flower such as roses or lilies, or incorporate several different flowers into one set of checks.

The next type features artwork instead of photographs. As you can well imagine, these checks come in a wide range of different styles. Some are abstract representations of flowers, while others are beautifully detailed paintings. The best part about these checks is that you can find a style that matches your own personal taste in art.

The final type of floral personal checks have a single flower printed up near the area where the name and address are located. These checks are a great choice if you want something simple, yet feminine.

Personally, I am leaning toward the checks with photographs of flowers. In my opinion, no artwork could ever come close to matching the beauty of real flowers.


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