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atlanta braves checks

A Love for the Atlanta Braves

My husband loves the Atlanta Braves. Growing up in North Carolina, he says they were the closest professional team to root for, and that love carried over from childhood into adulthood. Every season, he drives down from our home in Raleigh to see a game. In recent years, our young son has accompanied him on the trips, and it has become a father and son tradition. Each time he goes, he brings back apparel; we have more Braves hats, shirts and sweatshirts than we know what to do with.

We recently ran low on checks, and I asked him to get some new ones for us. We primarily use the checks to write out bills for our household, and I am the one that takes care of the family accounting. Imagine my surprise when I opened up the package to find Atlanta Braves checks instead of the boring, normal checks we usually order! I called him at work and he laughingly admitted that he just couldn’t resist the check design. Even though I’m not a strong baseball fan, I have to admit that the checks are pretty cool. Besides that, though, they fit our family to a tee!


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