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Detroit tigers checks

Why I Love My Detroit Tigers Checks

I got some new checks a few weeks ago, and I cannot stress how much I love them. They have my favorite team on them and it really makes me feel happy when I pull one out to pay the bills. It seems that we get to use checks so rarely, so I like using the fancy ones on the occasion that I get to use them.

Paying my rent is now a running joke between my landlord and I. He likes the Mariners and I love the Detroit Tigers. Now I get to take that rivalry a little farther when I hand him my rent check and he gets to look a little put out even when he gets money. It’s all good fun and we have plans to watch a few games together this year.

I also love that I can pay for some of my sons sport activities the summer with a check that truly says that we are fans. His coach likes the Tigers and I think that we will get along great. As a bonus, my son actually likes taking checks to pay for things now as he enjoys the logo as well.


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