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minnesota vikings checks

Viking Checks Help Me Out

I recently moved to Minnesota from Chicago and I have to admit, the first thing that I was treated as was an outcast. This was especially true during the middle of football season because it would see the Bears and the Vikings going up against each other a couple of times a year. Now I have to admit, that I never was much of a Bears fan because of the attitudes that I had seen from some of their players, but I was a Minnesota fan. The problem was being from Chicago it was kind of hard to convince some of my new friends that I did like the Vikings and not the Bears.

This is when I decided to look at the different ways to convince my friends that I was a tried and true Vikings fan. The best way that I found to share this to my friends was to look at getting the different Minnesota Vikings checks. When I started to get these checks, I was able to convince them by using them at the stores, showing them off, and even using the check to purchase some Vikings game tickets from the guy on the street.


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