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mlb checks

The Best Checks I Have Ever Bought

I bought myself some personalized MLB checks a few months ago. Instead of going with something cute or boring, I thought that I would enjoy myself this summer. With an all American past time, I feel like I have more than accomplished that goal.

These checks let me choose which team I wanted on them. They actually had all of the MLB teams which is great since sometimes merchandise is only aimed at a few teams that are doing amazing. We all want our team to win, but it can be nice cheering for underdogs as well.

They are actually in a small number of booklets, so I was able to get checks for a few different teams. Maybe I can switch them up depending on who is playing that week. I also loved that there were some really cute designs as well. As a woman I really love when I can enjoy sports merchandise but not feel like I am using something solely manly as well.

I hope that these checks continue to be available for many years. I think I will end up buying lots of them so that I can always show my pride and enjoy myself as well.


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