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new orleans saints checks

Why I Love My Saints Checks

Given that I am someone who lives in rural Indiana, it probably surprises many to see that my personal checks are emblazoned with the logo of the New Orleans Saints. Because the Big Easy is so far removed from my country home in the heartland, I’m sure most people who receive these checks wonder what the reasoning behind them might be. In fact, the answer is really quite simple. As a lifelong Purdue Boilermaker fan and devotee of quarterback star Drew Brees, I simply could not resist representing my favorite professional franchise in such a unique way.

Ever since Brees went to New Orleans, I have been one of the team’s very biggest supporters. In addition to just watching games from the comfort of my home, I have even convinced my husband to travel down to Louisiana several times to watch the team play on home turf. Clearly, football is a big part of our lives, and I thought it would be fun to put that passion on display with our personal checks. Having such a personalized expression of ourselves on checks is a fun everyday way to tell the world a little about who we are.


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