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new york giants checks

I Respect The New York Giants Checks

I am not a big sports fan, but I try my best to show support for my home team. This guy walked into my job the other day and paid with a New York Giants check and many of my co-workers acted like they wanted to attack him. Sure, I know that New York and Boston are not exactly best friends, but that is ridiculous. This guy should have the right to walk around with checks that have any team on it that he likes. Personally, I wouldn’t do it, but that is what he wants to do.

Many people on the job say that he is just trying to start trouble by using them, but is it really his fault that people are that angry about people getting personalized checks that they do not particularly care for? Instead of getting angry, I think they should commend him for it. The way that Patriots fans act in this city, anyone who is brave enough to walk around with checks that depict the Giants is really a fan. That is more than I can say for people like me who really don’t know much about the game.


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