basketball personal checks

A Big Fan Of The Basketball Checks

The other day I went down to a local bank because I needed to switch into something different. The last bank I was at charged exorbitant fees that were getting outrageous and never let up. A friend of mine told me about their bank and how they had free checking and a lot of other perks, so on my day off in I went to this new bank.

Immediately I was greeted by a friendly man who offered to explain the different types of accounts at the bank. He was very helpful and took a lot of time explaining to me how I could better invest my money. Of course this was only advice and not something I was considering at the time, but it was not to hear good financial advice from your local bank.

Once I filled out the paperwork the man at the bank gave me a few starter checks to get me going. He also showed me a book that had many different types of checks to order. The checks that caught my eye were the ones about basketball.

Growing up a huge basketball fan is what attracted me to the checks so I decided to place an order. The basketball checks should look very nice and the people who receive them will probably think so too.


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