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My Son and I Ordered Golf Checks For Our Joint Account

I took my son to the local bank to teach him a thing or two about how the system works. He has a nice part-time job now while at college and was thinking about putting his money into a checking account. Since so many things at college require checks to be written out, I thought it would be smart if we opened a joint account together.

With the joint account I could put money into it to help him pay for school supplies. This is probably the best and safest way for me to get him money quickly when he needs to purchase something important for school or pay a bill. It sure seems like college has a lot of extra expenses that you never factor in beforehand.

So while we were at the bank the nice lady who worked there showed us different styles of checks we can purchase. Of course we could opt for the standard issue checks, but my son is a huge fan of golf, so we decided to go with those. Actually the golf checks happened to be very nice with a beautiful picture on the front. My son made an excellent choice with these checks!


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