hockey personal checks

Found A Cool Hockey Photo Which I Used On My Personal Checks

All my friends know me as a huge hockey fan and always love to stop by my house when there is a big game going on. Since I grew up in the North hockey was a way of life and everyone played until there was no more light outside.

As I got older my passion for hockey only grew stronger and everything I do revolves around the sport. I even coach a youth hockey team which keeps me on the ice and involved all year long. One of my favorite things to do when not on the ice is look at different hockey pictures. I love old hockey photos especially ones that I have never seen before.

The other day I found this very old hockey photo and a clever idea came into my head. I decided to make that hockey photo into a personal check. I have hockey personal checks but now they are really going to be personalized with a picture that I find fascinating.

It was very easy to get the checks I wanted with the picture on them, and now everyone I send one too will get to see this incredible hockey photo.


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