fleur de lis personal checks

Love My Fleur De Lis Checks

When I needed new checks, I knew I didn’t want to buy the checks straight from my bank. They always seem to charge a ton and there are only a few colors to choose from. I decided to go online and see what my options were.

I was shocked to see how many check designs are available online. I found a great company that offers over 100 designs and the prices are very affordable. You just order the checks and they arrive at your door in a few weeks ready to go.

The price is right and the checks look fabulous. They are in full color and I was even able to select duplicate checks so I can have a copy of the checks I write on file. I chose the fleur de lis design because it reminds me of a trip I got to take to France when I was in college.

Every time I look at my checks I feel happy and I love how they look in my checkbook. Now that I know I can order my checks online, I will never buy checks through my bank again. I am much smarter now.


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