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corvette checks

Shopping For Corvette Personal Checks

I have always been an avid fan of Corvettes. There is just something about their smooth, curvy lines that makes them both elegant and powerful at the same time.

If I had to pick a dream Corvette, it would be a 1963 split window. For some reason I have always loved the look of this particular model. If I ever get the money to buy a Corvette, I definitely am going to look into one of these. Even if I have to buy an old one and fix it up myself, it would be a fun project, and I’m sure it would be very rewarding to finally be able to drive the vehicle after it was done.

Unfortunately, right now I am not in a position to buy one of these beautiful cars. Instead, I have to settle for collecting Corvette related merchandise. I have a bunch of model cars and posters already.

Next up I am thinking about getting some Corvette personal checks. I found a set that features a different model on each check, which would be fun to have. I will just have to be sure to buy duplicate checks since I am not very good at remembering to write my purchases down in my check register.


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